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Thu, Apr

Google May Stop The Use Of Apple Tool To Track iPhone Users

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Google apps on iPhone platform including Youtube and Maps will cease utilising a tool from Apple Inc that enables them to personalize advertisements, avoiding a fresh Apple warning that notifies users their browsing is being tracked. Alphabet Inc unit of the company made the announcement on Wednesday in a blog post, and this is coming prelude to Apple starting enforcement of new tracking transparency rules. The tech giant for years has provided apps with a unique identifier, called IDFA, to assist them to connect the same user across multiple applications. The code will be important in figuring out to whom to point out an advert and tracking whether or not it prompted them to make a purchase.

But Apple has stated “early” this year it would require that apps show users a one-time pop-up message to get their consent to access their IDFA.

“Apple has made it clear that if we don’t use Apple’s prompt that they will block Facebook from the App Store, which would only further harm the people and businesses that rely on our services every month,” it said.

Facebook said last month that it plans to display the pop-up to seek users’ consent.

Facebook Inc and different apps are however worried that the warning may discourage users from opting in and cripple ad sales.

As users of Google’s apps are typically logged in, it has a tracking alternative to IDFA, and as such its core ad business would likely not be affected by Apple’s changes.

Though it cautioned in its blog post that publishers and advertisers that rely on its mobile ad software will experience weaker results without IDFA access.

According to Google though it is developing alternatives for clients, they may not be immediately ready. It added that clients can use its software regardless of whether they show the pop-up and obtain the necessary consent, and it is not making any recommendations on what they should do.