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End Malaria Council: President Buhari Appoints Dangote As Chairman

President Muhammadu Buhari appointed the Chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote as the Chairman of the 16-member End Malaria Council (EMC) during the Council’s inauguration on Tuesday at the State House, Abuja. The President said he picked Dangote as chair of the Council because of his track record for supporting initiatives regarding health issues such as polio and primary health care system strengthening.

Nigeria's MonkeyPox Cases Rise To 172

The number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in Nigeria has risen to 172 in the country. This is according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), which noted that so far, Nigeria has a total of 172 Monkeypox infections and four deaths recorded in 2022. The latest situation report by NCDC, released on Sunday, revealed that over 50 per cent of the cases were recorded among men. NCDC's Week 31 reports indicated the spread has reached 27 states since January. From January 1 to August 7, 2022, NCDCD said four deaths were recorded from four states, Delta (1), Lagos (1), Ondo (1), and Akwa Ibom (1). The report read in part, "60 new suspected cases were reported in Epi Week 31, 2022 (August 1-7, 2022) from 19 states.

NCDC Faults Nigerians For Monkeypox Outbreak

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) blames Nigerians for failure to follow preventive measures against the current spread of Monkeypox in the country. The NCDC Director of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Dr. John Oladejo made this know on 28th June 2022 in Ibadan while speaking with journalists on the sideline of the ongoing second Ibadan Public Health conference.

North Korea Dispatch Medical Crew To Investigate Unidentified Intestinal Disease

North Korea has dispatched medical crew and epidemiological investigators to South Hwanghae, a province battling the outbreak of an intestinal disease, state media reported on Sunday. At least 800 families are suffering from what the country has only called an “acute enteric epidemic” which refers to a digestive illness. South Korean officials have said the outbreak may be cholera or typhoid, Reuters reported. The 800 families have received aid so far in South Hwanghae Province, about 75 miles south of the capital Pyongyang.

Strike: FG, Resident Doctors Commence Deliberation

The Federal Government Of Nigeria has begun negotiations with the Nigerian Association of Resident doctors over the demands of the doctors. This was disclosed by the publicity secretary of NARD, Dr. Yusuf Alfa.

Monkeypox Not 'Public Health Emergency Of International Concern' - WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday said monkeypox was not a "public health emergency of international concern." In a statement, a WHO emergency committee said many aspects of the outbreak were "unusual" and acknowledged that monkeypox has been neglected for years. "While a few members expressed differing views, the committee resolved by consensus to advise the WHO director-general that at this stage the outbreak should be determined to not constitute'' a global health emergency, WHO said.

Nigeria Records 10 Fresh Cases Of Monkeypox In 7 Days - NCDC

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has revealed that Nigeria has recorded 10 new confirmed cases of the Monkey Pox disease in six states. The health agency disclosed this via its official website, in its latest Monkeypox situation report released on Friday. Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that does not spread easily between people. It is usually a mild self-limiting illness and most people recover within a few weeks. However, severe illness can occur in some individuals. The agency said 44 new suspected cases of Monkeypox were reported between 30th May and 5th June 2022, from 14 states of which 10 were confirmed positive from six states. The states with new confirmed cases include Edo (2), Rivers (2), Plateau (2), Lagos (2), Imo (1) and Ondo (1). According to NCDC the country has so far recorded a total of 110 suspected cases of Monkey Pox disease from January to June 5. It added that the total number of confirmed cases within the same period has risen to 31.

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