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Fri, Dec

Israel-Hamas War: WHO Describes Al-Shifa Hospital As “Death Zone”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has described Al-Shifa hospital in war torn Gaza as a “death zone”. A joint UN team led by the WHO assessed the hospital for one hour on Saturday in Gaza and saw signs of shelling and gunfire. The team included public health experts, logistics officers and security staff from various U.N. departments. The team described the hospital as a "death zone" and said the situation was "desperate," with the hospital basically not functioning as a medical facility due to scarcity of clean water, fuel, medicine and other essentials.

Israel-Hamas War: 120 Incubator Babies Risk Perishing

About 120 children in a baby incubator are the risk of perishing at Gaza hospital following the siege of Israel on the Gaza strip by its troop whom has cut off the fuel supply to the hospital that will save the babies. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, over 1,750 children has so far been killed by the Israeli bomb in the strip of Gaza since the Israeli authorities begins offensive against the Gaza strip on a claim that they of looking for Hammas terrorist that attacked Israel on October 7th, 2023.

USA-Iran Deal: 5 prisoners Freed, $6Bn Funds Unfrozen

The United States America (USA) and the Republic of Iran have concluded a deal where 5 American citizens with Iranian citizenship were swapped in exchange for the unfreezing of $6 billion of Iranian funds. The frozen funds were transferred to banks in Qatar, which acted as the mediator in the deal between the 2 countries.

Israel-Hamas War: Egypt Opens Rafah Border 

A first group of injured evacuees from Gaza crossed into Egypt on Wednesday under a Qatari-mediated deal. This is the first time Rafah border is being opened to Gazans since the Israel-Haras war began.  More than 500 foreign nationals and dual citizens will be allowed to leave the enclave, the Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority said in a statement verified by Al Jazeera’s Sanad Agency. The evacuees were conveyed in ambulances through the Rafah border crossing. Under the deal reached between Egypt, Israel and Hamas, a number of foreigners and critically wounded people will be allowed to leave the besieged territory.

Jailed Iranian Woman Narges Mohammadi Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Incarcerated Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi has won the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize, for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran. Announcing the decision on Friday, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said Ms Mohammadi, 51, was awarded for her struggles to promote human rights and freedom for all. The committee said her "brave struggle" has come with tremendous personal costs as she has been arrested 13 times, convicted five times, sentenced to a total of 31 years in prison, and received 154 lashes.

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