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Wed, May

Voter's Shot Dead As Violence Rocks Chad Election

According to reports from Chad, an attack took place on a polling station in the city of Moundou, south of N'Djamena during the presidential election on Monday. Unknown gunmen opened fire indiscriminately, resulting in the death of a 65-year-old voter who had just cast his ballot. The election was supposed to mark the end of military rule in Chad. The shooter was among a group of people demanding the right to vote in the election. 

Tinubu Appeal To Senegal President, Faye To Prevail On Niger and Mali To Reconsider Joining ECOWAS

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu had yesterday after receiving President Bassirou Diomaye Faye of Senegal have called for a re-alignment in West Africa to effectively address the challenges confronting the region, saying it is possible for Niger and Mali to rejoin ECOWAS after exiting. While at the meeting with the Senegalese President at the State House, President Tinubu reiterated that the West Africa must work together to defeat the hydra-headed terrorism, banditry, human trafficking that have continued to threatened livelihood in the region. 

Nigeria Added Over 16,000 New Territory

The United Nations (UN) has approved Nigeria’s submission, granting sovereignty over additional square kilometers of maritime territory with about 16,300 square kilometers.

Tanzania Floods: Death Toll Rises To 155 Persons

The death toll from heavy floods and landslides in Tanzania has risen to 155 persons. The prime minister Kassim Majaliwa cautioned that the rains might continue into May, and urged families to vacate flood-prone areas. He added that the El Nino climate pattern has worsened ongoing rainy seasons and about 200,000 people and over 51,000 households were already affected by the disaster. El Nino is a Natural occurring climate pattern typically associated with increased heat worldwide, as well as drought and heavy rains. The devastating effects of the downpour were "primarily due to environmental degradation", Majaliwa said. He also blamed deforestation, unsustainable farming practices such as "slash and burn" agriculture, and unregulated livestock grazing.

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