In a bid to curb the spread of fake news, twitter is set to introduce a mock red and orange warning labels "harmfully misleading", highlighting fake or misleading information shared by public figures and politicians, NBC News reports. As seen in the leaked demo video sent to NBC News, the tool will enable verified fact-checkers and journalist highlight misinformation directly under the original tweet or post, with a participation button for the option of feedback.

American online media streaming service, Netflix, Inc. has announced the commencement of its 'AV1' video codec on Android devices, from Google's VP9, upgrading its compression efficiency by 20 per cent. However, the company said the 'AV1' only supports "selected titles" once the 'Save Data' option is enabled by its subscribers. This would reduce the usage of cellular data while using the app.

National Science Foundation, NSF’s newest Daniel K Inouye solar telescope (DKIST) has captured what seems to be the first detailed image of the surface of the sun, revealing exhilarating details. The 4m mirror DKIST is the largest solar telescope and is positioned at the top of a 3,000m high volcano in Maui, Hawaii. The image shows caramelized cell-like shapes, the size of the U.S state of Texas. The plasma which covers the sun shows bright centres where the heat emits from.

Facebook Gives Users Control Over How To Turn-off Certain Political ads

Facebook Inc said on Thursday it was making some changes to its approach to political ads, including allowing users to turn off certain ad-targeting tools, but the updates stop far short of critics’ demands and what rival companies have pledged to do.

Apple Now Renders Home Service For iPhone Repairs

Apple has added home service repairs as one of the latest services rendered by the company where one of its authorized service providers will come to your home or office to repair your device.


The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has disclosed that it has sponsored the training of over 2000 Nigerians for both masters and PhD IT post-graduate programmes across the world. Mallam Kashifu Inuwa, the Director-General, NITDA made the disclosure in a statement in Abuja, saying that the post-graduate scholarship was in efforts to meet up with global digital advancements through capacity building.

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