Android Phones Are Now Harder To Hack Than iPhones

Tech Security

iPhones have always been assumed to be superior to Android phones in terms of strength of privacy and security but the reverse is the case, as the Android phones are reportedly harder to crack than iPhones.


This was made known by Rex Kiser, a Forensic detective at the Fort Worth Police Department, Texas in the USA.

He said the newer Android OS is harder to break into than its equivalent iOS devices.

Kiser said, “Some of the newer operating systems are harder to get data from than others.

I think a lot of these [phone] companies are just trying to make it harder for law enforcement to get data from these phones ... under the guise of consumer privacy.

“Right now, we’re getting into iPhones.

A year ago we couldn’t get into iPhones, but we could get into all the Androids.

Now we can’t get into a lot of the Androids,” He added.

According to Tom's Guide, when tested by Cellebrite smartphone extraction tools, iPhone X and earlier versions seemed easier to break into but little information was extracted from same software using Google Pixel 2 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Android phones, while nothing was extracted from Huawei P20 Pro.

Kiser noted that it is sometimes necessary for law enforcement to break into suspect's phone to help with investigations, adding that smartphone companies are improving the cryptography techniques, making it harder to extract information from some devices.