Trade War: Huawei To Launch New Phone Without Google Services

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Huawei's new phone, Mate 30 will be unveiled in Munich, Germany on September 19th. But YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps and other Google services will not work with it.

The Chinese company will launch its latest smartphone later this month. It will be Huawei's first smartphone series to hit the market since being put on a trade blacklist by the United States, which cut off its access to Google (GOOGL) apps and services for new products.

The smartphone brand has been placed on a list of companies the US has banned US companies from selling it tech and software to. This has made key partners like Intel (INTC), Micron (MICR), Qualcomm (QCOM), software Google and Facebook (FB) to avoid doing business with them. 

Huawei also recently revealed its own operating system, HarmonyOS, has however regarded Google's ecosystem — as its first choice.

The company further stated that the Mate 30 could still launch with Android, which is open source. It just won't have access to popular apps like YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail, or to the Google Play Store where Android users can buy new apps.

Amidst all the patches, Huawei’s recent flagship phones have all had impressive hardware, and the Mate 30 Pro is likely to follow in that tradition.

It should make use of the Kirin 990 processor, which Huawei is set to announce this week at the IFA trade show in Berlin. Unverified leaks indicate that the Mate 30 Pro will feature a large circular quad-camera module and a “waterfall” display with extremely curved edges.