Ex-Governors Jumbo Pay: We Cannot Reverse Our Own Law - Lagos State Assembly

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The Lagos State House of Assembly says it cannot reverse the Jumbo pay being taken by Ex-governors and other public office holders as pension from the state coffers.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that during an interview with one, Tunde Braimoh , Chairman house committee on Information and strategy, he disclosed that Lagos state will not go the way Zamfara went with their own through repelling the bill.


A Federal High Court in Lagos had ordered the Federal Government to recover pensions collected by former governors now serving as Ministers and members of the National Assembly.


The Court further directed Abubakar Malami , the Attorney General of the federation to challenge the legality of state pension laws which permit former Governors and their Deputies to draw funds as much as they like from the state coffers .


However, Braimoh kicked against the court ruling directing Mr. Malami to propose a legal framework that will end such draconian laws that is anti masses concocted by states as an avenue to drain state resources despite drawing salaries while serving in their various present capacities.


Braimoh opined that as long as the law did not go against the constitution, the state Assembly still reserves the power to make laws in their capacities as long as it is in line with the aspiration of the society they live in.


The Lawmaker noted that as long as separation of power as spelled out in the constitution empowers legislatures at all level to make laws, the executive to implement while the Judiciary to interpret these laws.


He quoted a Supreme Court judgement which stated that no arm of government can repel a constitutional provision of another arm of government.


According to him until another legislature comes to alter, review or amends the law, otherwise the law is made to be obeyed.


He argued that the Supreme Court cannot pronounce the state laws as unconstitutional unless such law has gone against the constitution.


Braimor revealed they are yet to identify any law that restrict the state Assembly from enacting laws which is directed on the welfare package of their former governors and public office holders.