Maternity Ward Massacre In Afghanistan

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Two babies twelve mothers and nurses were killed by gunmen dressed in military uniform in a hospital at the Afghan capital Kabul on 12th May 2020.

The Interior Ministry initially reported that 16 people were killed and more than 100 wounded Wahid Majroh, the deputy public health minister rose the death toll to 24 after the shooting rampage and said 16 people were wounded.

A 27 years old Zainab was affected in the attack after her mother in law brought her to birth her baby earlier that day at the Ataturk Children's Hospital Kabu for fear of complications, the newborn was murdered in cold blood. Muhammadi the mother claimed she saw one of the attackers firing at pregnant women and new mothers, even as they were finding shield under the hospital bed.

No group has claimed responsibility for the massacre that took the lives of 16 people women and 2 newborns, at least 6 babies lost their mothers in an attack that has shaken even the war-torn nation numbered by years of militant violence.

The Taliban, the main militant group, has denied involvement in both attacks, an offshoot of Islamic State is also among the suspects and has only claimed responsibility for the Nangarhar bloodshed.