Google Real Time Translate Now Available For Download

Personal Tech

Google real-time transcription feature which will allow users to listen to spoken words in any language either in real-time or pre-recorded be translated immediately to your mobile device without any delay for processing is now available for download.

The Translate transcription feature which was first demoed in January is now available for Android users as part of an update to the artificial intelligence-powered mobile app. The starting languages will be English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

This new feature will work live for speeches, lectures, and other spoken word events and from pre-recorded audio, too. That means you could theoretically hold your phone up to computer speakers and play a recording in one language and have it translated into text in another without you having to input the words manually.

However, this feature will not support the option to upload audio files, but listening to a live audio source, like your laptop, should work as an alternative method.

Prior to this feature, you could have used Google Translate’s voice option for turning a spoken word, phrase, or sentence from one language into another, including in both text and verbal form. But a Google spokesperson says that part of the app “wasn’t well suited to listen to a longer translated discussion at a conference, a classroom lecture or a video of a lecture, a story from a grandparent, etc.”