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Mon, Jan

Emulate President Buhari, APC Chides President Trump

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The All Progressive Congress (APC) has today called on President Trump of the United States to learn how to be a statesman from President Buhari.

The ruling party stated this in a statement through its Publicity Secretary of the Extra-ordinary and convention planning committee, John Akpanudeodehe.

The statement titled, the integrity of a leader is as important as strong institutions’.

The ruling party said it condemned the siege on Capitol Hill in totality and also faulted President Trump for refusing to concede defeat even as it was glaring that he has lost at the poll.

APC said that the United States is the protector of democracy on the present planet should serve as a role model to less powerful countries of the world especially Africa but wondering why hell would have to let loose before victory and defeat are accepted by politicians like Trump.

The statement reads, President Muhammadu Buhari contested and lost elections a couple of times and followed the process through to the Supreme Court on all accounts. This is an outstanding credential of a true democrat.

“Upon ultimately gaining victory in 2015, the APC-led administration has carried out fundamental reforms to strengthen our institutions.

“For instance, the non-interference in functions of election empire, INEC, The APC has contested elections; won some, lost some without splitting hairs. In fact, at some point, the APC lost over 5 states to the PDP, yet we allowed democracy to prevail. We have remained resolute in our belief that in every electoral contest, the popular will must prevail,” it said.

Meanwhile, the party called on President Trump to avoid turning the country into anarchy through his quest to perpetuate himself in power.