Many Died as Migrant Boat Sinks off Mauritania Coast - UN

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Atlantic ocean, the second-largest ocean in the world has recently witnessed a deadly incident, the worst since the mid-2000s when Spain stepped up patrols and to arrest boats of migrants attempting to cross over from Africa to Europe. The patrol recovered no fewer than 58 people including women and children died when their boat capsized in the Ocean.

It is worth noting that, the West African ocean is notable for being a route for migrants seeking jobs and prosperity in Europe. According to the Spanish authorities, the boat with more than 150 people on board was low on fuel while approaching Mauritania. Also, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in a statement released on Wednesday, 4th December 2019 noted that 83 people were able to swim to shore and helped by the Mauritanian authorities in the northern city of Nouuadhibou.

However, some of the people on the boat who escaped death narrated that, the boat left the Gambia on November 27, 2019The statement further informed that “The Mauritanian authorities are very efficiently coordinating the response with the agencies currently present in Nouadhibou...,”

The victims, in spite being from the Gambia, Laura Lungarotti, chief of mission in Mauritania with the IOM disclosed that there was no immediate statement from Gambian authorities from which most of the migrants set off in hopes of reaching out to undisclosed European country.