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Sun, May

Finally China Congratulates Biden On US Election Victory


Chinese authority has finally congratulated United States President-elect, Joe Biden today a week after he was declared the winner of the American Presidential race saying it respect “the choice of the American people”. The US-China relation has grown sour in the last few years of the Trump administration after 40 years of a good relationship between the two giants.

The statement according to the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, during a press briefing; “We respect the choice of the American people. We express our congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris,”

China was among a few countries including Mexico and Russia that said they could not congratulate Biden since the election was still in contention by Trump.

Since the rounding up of the US Presidential race, Trump is yet to officially concede defeat to Biden as against usual practice that a loser should congratulate the winner.

The US network revealed that Biden began his journey to victory when he won more than 5 million votes in a popular vote since Thursday.

However, President Trump has continued to insist that the election was marred by fraud and has been rigged against him demanding a recount in some states claiming over two million of his votes were deleted by electoral officials.

Trump in his four years of his administration has been in a sour relationship with China claiming they the biggest threat to the United States and the global democracy, followed by the outbreak of the COVID-19 where Trump has continued to describe the pandemic as a Chinese virus.

The two giants clash was in connection to wars with the US demanding Chinese access to the world market and its broad reform were all favoring the Chinese as against the usual practice.