Crack In The Senate Over Back Door Recruitment

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There is a looming crisis in the Nigerian Senate over allocation of slots for secret recruitment being assigned to some principal officers by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Some senators who were sidelined by the principal officers whom allegedly hijacked the slot of the recruitment said they will resist the move by all their might until the right thing is done.


Punch revealed that the FIRS, a federal government agency gave the principal of the Senate a slot of about 100 persons through their leadership.


However, the slot was allegedly shared by only 10 principal officers of the senate while excluding their remaining colleagues.


According to the source, the remaining senators who did not partake in the sharing of the slot kicks, saying they will resist the move as a federal government agency cannot allocate slot of jobs to some group of people without following the due process as provided by the law.


An aggrieved senator from the South-West, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “We were issued 100 slots by the FIRS but our leaders hijacked all the slots for themselves alone.”


Another senator from the North-West added, “We have information that one of the leaders amongst the cabal took 26 slots to his people in his senatorial district alone. He said there is already a problem in the Senate, because the leadership has taken the other colleague for a fool by cornering all the jobs meant for the entire Nigerians to his constituency.


While lamenting, “Does it mean that you must know a senator before you get employed’ Saying that merit has been relegated in Nigeria. How will you get the best hands? He added.


The Senator noted that many people are getting employed through this crude method without being interviewed.


However, another member of the Senate Committee on Federal Character, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that there was a brewing crisis in the Senate following the development.


He confessed that, “The fact that the leaders allegedly collected 100 slots and share them among themselves has proven that the act of lopsidedness that we talk about in this country can never be corrected.


“Some of our colleagues are already coming to lobby saying we should throw it under the carpet but we are determined to go ahead with the probe.


While addressing journalists on Tuesday, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Character, Danjuma La’ah, disclosed he was aware that some agencies have beaten their chest saying that like usual nothing tangible would come out of the (secret recruitment) probe because they soiled the hand of the leaders of the Senate.


Our committee is set to unveil the allegations that some agencies had been secretly recruiting without advertising the jobs as the law demands.


La’ah revealed that it was alleged some agencies vowed not to honour our invitation because they are protected by the leadership for obliging to their demand.


Meanwhile, the leadership have kept mum on the matter; however, investigation will unveil everything.