Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu Resigns After Dustup With Messi


Barcelona F.C president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his entire board of directors has resigned after a torrid six (6) year under increasing pressure and picking up dustup out with Lionel Messi. The erstwhile was due to step down in March, having served the maximum two terms as president, but was facing a vote of no confidence. More than 20,000 club members signed a motion to remove him.

Resentment had grown against his leadership over the past year because of worsening finances and Barca's decline on the pitch and their failure to win a trophy last season. Bartomeu also fell out with star player Messi in the summer after the Argentina forward handed in a transfer request.

Messi failed to force a move and decided to stay, but said he felt deceived by Bartomeu, adding: "There has been no project or anything for a long time". Barcelona is owned by their supporters, who vote to elect a president to run the club.