Son Heung-min Set For 500 Hours Of Community Service


Tottenham Hotspur's South Korean striker Son Heung-min will report to a marines boot camp later this month to fulfil military service duties of around 500 hours of community service.

The 27-year-old who travelled back to his homeland last week as he continues to recover from a broken arm has been in quarantine for sometime now after flying in from London. The forward is, however, waiting for confirmation that the Premier League suspension will be extended beyond April 30 later this week so as to carry out his community service.

In South Korea it is mandatory for all able-bodied to serve in the military for nearly two years, making up the bulk of Seoul's 600,000-strong forces. However, after claiming gold at the 2018 Asian Games Son and his teammates were exempted and as a result are instead required to complete a three-week basic training course, along with 500 hours community service.

Son will report to a marines boot camp on the island of Jeju on April 20 for his basic training.