Chelsea Legend Petr Cech Switches To Ice Hockey


Former Chelsea goalkeeper and current technical & performance advisor, PetrCech has reportedly switched games to ice hockey. The 37-year-old will play as a goalie (netminder) for Guildford Phoenix which is located close to where Cech lives. 

It was further gathered that when the club (Chelsea) schedule allows, he is ready to help them in their league games.

‘I am delighted to have the opportunity to play with the Phoenix to get the match experience,’ Cech said.

‘I hope I can help this young team to achieve their goals for the season and try to win as many games as possible when I have the chance to play.

‘After 20 years of professional football, this is going to be a wonderful experience for me to play the game I loved to watch and play as a kid.’

He added that he has not changed jobs. "No I didn't. Luckily my job is as the technical and performance advisor at Chelsea FC doesn't stop me in my spare time from playing the game I loved as a kid which I've been playing for years. 

'While being a professional footballer I couldn't play the game for obvious reasons. Now I can.'