WHO Urge Poor Countries To Improve Funding For Water, Sanitation


The World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nation Water (UN-Water) has on Thursday called on poor countries to increase funding for an adequate strengthening of the drinking water and sanitation systems for better public health.
According to the organization’s website, the call was made as the International Water Sector meets in Stockholm, Sweden, for its annual conference during World Water Week.


A report by WHO for UN-Water disclosed that weak government systems and lack of funds and human resources and are major factors in the poor delivery of water and sanitation services in affected countries.

The WHO Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus said lack of access to basic amenities impedes the progress of public health.

“Too many people lack access to reliable and safe drinking water, toilets, and hand-washing facilities, putting them at risk of deadly infections and threatening progress in public health.

“Water and sanitation systems do not just improve health and save lives, they are a critical part of building more stable, secure and prosperous societies.

“We call on all countries that lack essential water and sanitation infrastructure to allocate funds and human resources to build and maintain it,” he said.

Also, the Chairperson, UN-Water, and President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Gilbert Houngbo said water, sanitation, and hygiene should be prioritized as it helps in the growth of a healthy society.

“If we are to create a healthier, more equitable and stable society, then strengthening the systems to reach those currently living without safe and affordable water, sanitation and hygiene services must be a top priority.

“While we need to ensure that there is sufficient funding to tackle these critical challenges, it is equally important to continue reinforcing national delivery systems,” he advised.
(NAN/Premium Times)