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Sun, May

Indonesian Church Hit With Palm Sunday Suicide Bombing

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An Indonesian Roman Catholic Cathedral in the eastern City of Makassar was rocked by an explosion on Sunday, causing a ruckus during the Palm Sunday mass. Though no Churchgoers were killed, 14 were injured and treated at the Makassar hospital.
The explosion occurred around the gate of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral. Shortly before the bombing, two people on a motorcycle were stopped by security personnel, who suspected they were targeting the church around the end of the Palm Sunday mass.

“There were two people riding on a motorbike when the explosion happened at the main gate of the church — the perpetrators were trying to enter the compound,” National Police spokesman Argo Yuwono said.

“The bike was destroyed and there are body parts… We’re still collecting parts and trying to identify the sex of the perpetrators.”

Makassar Mayor Mohammad Ramdhan said: “There are many body parts here at the church compound as well as in the street.”

Meanwhile, police have commenced an investigation into the bombing.