Tue, Jan

Microsoft Edge Browser: NCC Recommends Steps Against Website Scams

Tech Security

An advisory has been issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) that users of Microsoft Edge Browser should install trusted, up-to-date anti-virus software with an internet security component as a countermeasure to reduce the chances of falling victim to a recently discovered cyber threat in the browser.

The advisory reads as follows: “The Microsoft Edge News Feed is the default page that appears when a new tab is opened, and it displays information such as news, advertisements, weather, and traffic updates.

“Also, the following are the steps that result in being redirected to a bogus tech support page: the user clicks on a story or advertisement, the Edge browser setting is analyzed for various metrics.

“If the user is adjudged to be a bot or in a location that is not of interest, the user is redirected to a harmless dummy page that is relevant to the story or advertisement initially clicked on; However, if the user is adjudged a potential victim, then the user is redirected to a tech support scam website for further exploitation”.

The advisory further urged users to refrain from clicking on web links they are unsure of because cybercriminals post attention-grabbing stories or advertisements on the Microsoft Edge news feed to lure users to click on such links which usually contain malware and/or other cyber threats.

The CSIRT was set up by the NCC to reduce the rate of computer-related threats by preparing and securing Nigerian cyberspace to prevent attacks, and problems or related events.