FG Warns Nigerian Over The Use Of Coronavirus Fraudulent App

Tech Security

The Federal Government has drawn the attention of its citizen on Tuesday 24th March 2020 over the existence of an Android-based malicious fraudulent COVID-19 application, allegedly meant to provide updates of the pandemic virus and infections around the user.

A statement was made by the Special Assistant of the Minister of Information and Culture Mr Segun Adeyemi claiming that a Ransomware has been introduced that blocks access to users personal data and account and threatens deletion unless users pay 100 dollars in Bitcoin within 48hours.

It was gathered that the Ransomware App on the website www.coronsvirusapp.site, "prompted users to download an Android App purportedly for coronavirus map tracking and heat map visuals."

This development confirmed the warning signs against cybercriminals seeking to exploit the growing spread of the epidemic for selfish intrest.