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Demand For Cut In Cost Of Governance: Tell The Executive – Reps To Agitators

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The spokesperson for the House of Representative, Benjamin Kalu says a cut in the cost of governance in Nigeria should begin with the Executive arm of government. Kalu disclosed this to newsmen yesterday in Abuja, saying the National Assembly gets only 0.8% of the Country’s annual budget but the remaining is with the executive to decide.

This followed the agitation from a civil Society Group who is currently advocating for the cut in the emolument of the national assembly members.

The spokesman said some of the National Assembly members hardly meet their end means when you consider their salaries and allowances.

According to Kalu, 0.8% of the National Assembly Budget is always not enough to run the institution, therefore, those calling for the cut in the pay should start from the Executive.

In his statement; “That’s the truth because the 0.8 percent you’re talking about takes care of the senate and house. People think that the money that comes to the national assembly is divided by members of the House of Representatives and the senate.

“That’s a wrong narrative being sold and that’s what Nigerians believe. That’s why my office is actually engaging in what’s called infographics that are going to be released very soon.

He disclosed that would disabuse the Mind of Nigerians over the myth they have against the National Assembly salaries and allowances and would be shocked to marrow when they finally know the truth.

“It’s high time we started at the 99.902 percent of the national budget and stop focusing on the 0.8 percent of the national assembly.” Saying is misleading how Nigerians are more interested in the National Assembly while ignoring the executive that controls all 99.9% of the annual budget.

Meanwhile, he said Nigerians need to focus much and find out what exactly is happening to the 99.02 % of the national budget.