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Sun, Mar

WHO: US Resumes Support, Launches $1.9Trn COVID-19 Plan

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Following the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday, the United States has said it will resume its support for the United Nations’ health agency, launching a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 plan in a bid to combat the pandemic. President Biden reversed the decision of former President Trump to quit support for the World Health Organisation (WHO). “Under trying circumstances, this organisation has rallied the scientific and research and development community to accelerate vaccines, therapies and diagnostics,” a top US scientist, Anthony Fauci said.

Biden, who criticozed Trump’s approach on the pandemic seeks to vaccinate 100 million people in the next 100 days, while increasing COVID-19 testings and use of face masks as well as enhancing public health workforce for emergency relief.

Coordinator of the new Covid-19 task force, Jeff Zients said, “For almost a year now, Americans could not look to the federal government for any strategy.”

“As president Biden steps into office today, that all changes.”