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Fri, Dec

Crackdown: UN To Convene Special Meeting Concerning Iran

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The united Nation Human Right Council, UNHRC, has concluded plan today to hold a special meeting on 24th November 2022, concerning the fate of civilians in Iran, where the government is cracking down on them leading to the deaths of hundreds. The UN body expressed displeasure nothing that the action of the Iranian government is getting out of hand describing it as “the deteriorating human rights situation”, in Iran where world leaders will deliberate on the matter. Accordingly, the German and Iceland Government had on Friday submitted a request to the UN demanding that there is serious human right abuse going on in Iran that requires world attention.

Though, the UN law stipulates that support of about 16 countries out of the 47 is required by the UN to convene a special meeting apart of the three regular ones they conduct annually.

So far, about 44 countries have queued behind German and Iceland including 17 other members the UN announced.

Accordingly, the demand followed the eight weeks protest staged by Iranians after the authorities allegedly manhandled a 22yrs old that lead to her death for failing to abide by the country’s Sharia dress code.

Information revealed that up to 326 persons have been killed in the crackdown on the protest. This is according to the Oslo-based group Iran Human Rights, even as the demonstrations have metamorphosed into a broad movement against the theocracy that has ruled Iran since the 1979 fall of the shah.

UN rights experts also revealed that thousands of peaceful protesters including many women, children, lawyers, activists and journalists, have been arrested.