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Tue, Jun

US Orders Embassy Staff To Leave Chad As Rebels Near N’Djamena

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The United States has ordered non-essential staff of its embassy in N’Djamena, Chad Republic to leave the country following unrest in the West African country. The US decision comes after rebel fighters had approached the country’s capital on Sunday, showing their displeasure as the results of the recent presidential election indicates incumbent president Idriss Deby could extend his 30-year rule. In a statement by the US state department, “Armed non-governmental groups in northern Chad have moved south and appear to be heading toward N’Djamena,” the US state department said.

“Due to their growing proximity to N’Djamena and the possibility for violence in the city, non-essential U.S. government employees have been ordered to leave Chad by commercial airline.

“The government of Chad may impose travel restrictions without notice, which may affect travel plans. The government of Chad may block communications channels, including telephone service, social media, and the internet.

“The U.S. Government has extremely limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Chad as U.S. Government employees must obtain special authorization to travel outside of the capital, including the Lake Chad Basin.”

Also, the British government has advised its citizens in Chad to leave the country “as soon as possible”.