Tech Security

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday decried the manipulation of the cyberspace to subvert elections outcome. The President made the assertion while delivering a keynote address at the 2019 Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai.

Buhari charged world leaders to evolve a strict level of regulation to preserve the integrity of the digital economy. He noted that a proposal was needed to create a digital world that is accessible, inclusive and safe to all.

In his speech at the summit with the theme ‘Mapping the Future of Foreign Direct Investment: Enriching World Economies through Digital Globalization,” Buhari stressed that the cyberspace was being used to subvert the democratic rights of citizens.

Acknowledging that digital globalization is transforming the world almost every day with innovations and transformative ideas, the Nigerian leader cautioned that the cyber world would remain a constant threat if left unregulated.

He lamented the steady rise in fake news and cybercrimes, particularly when platforms are hijacked and manipulated by criminals. President Buhari, therefore, called for collective efforts led by both public and private sector leaders to address the emerging threats of digital globalization.