COVID-19: GenCos Lament Gas Shortage Threatening Electricity Supply- Call FG For Intervention

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The Power Generating Company of Nigeria (GenCos) has assured Nigerian a steady supply of electricity amid the global pandemic of the coronavirus that is threatening every aspect of production.


The assurance was given by Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generating Company (APGC), Mrs Joy Ogaji today in Abuja, saying the company is working round the clock to supply Nigerians with electricity.

Ogaji said though the company is trying its possible best to ensure the generator is kept optimally, however, the shortage of gas supply due to how the threat of COVID-19 has paralysed every aspect of production is staring them in the face.

She called on the federal government for quick intervention, saying, “GenCos are altering their business practices and developing strategies to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To this end, GenCos have established telework protocols to ensure that non-essential, non-critical employees work from home.

“This is evidence in the increase in power generation which has averaged 4,024MW since the index case was recorded on Feb. 27.

“While implementing continuation of services, GenCos plan to ensure operations and service delivery continues to prevent more economic disruption, “she said.

However, Ogaji complained of shortage of gas supply for thermal generation companies as the thermally generated power accounts for about 80% of the country source of power.

She further explained that because of the gas shortage, it is threatening the thermal power plant from generating the energy as gas form up to 60% of their wholesale electricity tariff.

The Executive Secretary explained that now the supply companies are demanding upfront payment before the supply is made available, she complained that GenCos could not afford to meet with the condition of the suppliers.

Hence, she is calling on the Federal Government for quick intervention to save the situation.

She said the Gencos are ready to work with stakeholders such as the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC).

She disclosed, “With oversight over gas resources, we can develop novel approaches in making gas available for generation companies.

” Gas and transmission (evacuation) are critical and urgent needs outside the control of the generation companies.

It calls for urgent government intervention, she said.