97 People Died In One Day From Deadly Coronavirus

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 The deadly Coronavirus sweeping across Asia has killed up to 97 persons in just one day. So far, it has killed over 1,000 people in China.

Deaths per day are still rising in China, however, the World Health Organization has said the number of new cases has stabilised but cautioned it was too early to declare the virus has peaked.

Over the weekend, the overall number of deaths caused by the virus has surpassed the SARS epidemic which killed 774 persons in 2003 which also originated from China. Across China, 40,171 people are currently infected while 187,518 are under medical watch.

According to a BBC report, a case of super-spreading centred in Wuhan is prevalent, wherein individual patients pass on the virus significantly to a large number of people. A British man who had been in Singapore has been linked to five cases in France four in the UK, and possibly one in Majorca.

On average, one individual could pass it on to between two and three other people.