Sat, Dec

COVID-19 Update: Nigeria Records 62 Fresh Cases Of Infection And One Death


In the last three months, Nigerian health officials had not reported a daily figure higher than 300 infections. Nigeria has recorded a total infection so far as 62,000 out of which 57,000 persons have recovered from the deadly virus. This means that about 3,000 cases are still active in the country.

The health agency revealed that the death toll from the coronavirus has jumped up from the previous record to 1,130 after one death was recorded yesterday.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) revealed that the cases of yesterday were reported from 11 states of the country such as; Plateau state had recorded 18 cases while Ogun state had 15 infections, FCT, Kaduna states have 6 cases each while Kastina and Ondo states have 4 cases each, Ekiti, River had 3 cases; Osun, Sokoto, and Kano states had 1 case each.

Plateau state was recorded to be the state with the highest infection yesterday with 18 infections while Ogun followed with 15 cases.

So far about 600,000 Nigerians have been tested for the coronavirus infection said the health agency.