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The Safest Travel Score to operate an airline during COVID-19 pandemic is 5.0 while the worst score is 0.1, according to the Safe Travel Barometre, however, no airline has made the best possible score neither has any airline made the worst possible score of 0.1. The Safest Travel Score exercise was conducted across 230 airlines worldwide using 26 health and safety parameters, evaluating safety protocols, service excellence, thermal screening, face masks, health declaration forms etc. The safest airline according to Safest Travel Score is Dubai based Emirates Airlines with the highest score of 4.4. The airline led in traveler convenience and was also the 1st to offer customers free COVID-19 insurance cover to encourage travelling during the pandemic.

A statement read “At every step of the journey, Emirates has spared no effort to prioritise the care, health and safety of its customers, employees and communities. Enhanced bio-safety measures taken by the airline include the distribution of complimentary hygiene kits, protective barriers at check-in desks and immigration counters.”

Etihad and Qatar Airways follow closely with 4.3 and 4.2 respectfully while only 2 airlines in the United States were within the range of 4 and above; which is Southwest Airlines with 4.0 and Delta Airlines with 4.1.

Air France, Lufthansa, Oman Air, Air China, and Singapore Airlines all have a rating of 4.1. Virgin Atlantic and Korean Air are 4.0 while Ethiopian Airlines is 3.9 and KLM is 3.8.

Malaysian Airlines is 3.7 along with Swiss Airlines and Air New Zealand. South African Airways has a score of 3.3