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Sun, Jan

Why People Should Not Generalize Actress As Prostitutes – Joke Lawal

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An upcoming actress, Joke Lawal who recently made it to the limelight has remained resilient to proving the title conferred on her in 2016 as the Nollywood New Bride by White Cowry Awards as the one-time City People Awards nominee have gradually upgraded to be reckoned with in the make-believe world.

The chubby graduate who confined her HND into a drawer to pursue her passion of becoming a star actress in her chart with Potpourri disclosed what she detests much about being an actress in this part of the planet, as well as what she feels require a change in the movie industry.

According to the Moshood Abiola graduate of Administration, she would love to redirect people’s perception of Movie actors, saying that people think of actresses as prostitutes rather than people pursuing a decent carrier.

She laments that others see them as people not worthy to be taken as wives that would make a good family, but that is one narrative she would have the wish to prove such people wrong.

Lawal further stated that the storyline and their corresponding interpretation and quality of productions are other things that she would have loved to change in the industry. She added that actors are being poorly enumerated in the industry citing the time she started as an upcoming actress, some of the roles she played were for free but been the newcomer she had no choice.

She also revealed why English-speaking Actors have more leverages than their Yoruba counterparts.

She said, In the Yoruba part of the industry some people have the idea of playing padi padi, where you play a role in someone’s production for free and that person do you same as payback. She said she hates that idea, saying let every role be paid, though she sometimes willingly act to some directors for free, that is her way of appreciating such people for the opportunity they gave her in the past. She said she has acted in some English series like Hustle, Battleground and got paid for that.

The star girl started acting in 2009 and has so far a future in movies like Alayaki, Aye La Bowo, and many others but revealed that her role in the movie ‘Campus life’ was what gave her fame.