Bugatti Chiron Sets New World Record Smashes through the 300 Mph Barrier


On Monday, Bugatti announced that a modified Chiron prototype has smashed through the 300mph barrier. Bugatti test driver, Andy Wallace hit a vmax of 304.77mph (490.48kph) in a go-faster Chiron at Ehra-Lessien, becoming the first hypercar to break 300mph.

The velocity is verified by the TÜV – Germany’s Technical Inspection Association – meaning Andy and the prototype Chiron supersede previous really, really fast runs from SSC (256.18mph two-way average, 2007), Hennessey (270.49mph two-way average, 2013) and Koenigsegg(284.55 vmax, 277.87 two-way average, 2017) as well as punching through the mythical 300mph target.

Over the past six months, a team of engineers from Bugatti, Michelin and chassis wizards Dallara set about creating a car that can break the 300mph barrier. 

For years, Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann said the French automaker wasn't interested in a Chiron top speed run and that no tire could handle such speeds. In August, Winkelmann said he was now open to a 300 mph-plus Chiron.

In August Bugatti unveiled the $8.9 million Centodieci, a Chiron variant that evokes the EB110 supercar from the '90s. It was sold out when the cover came off.