Warren Buffett A Big Loser In Apple Inc. Fiasco


Apple Inc. recorded an all-time low on Thursday, thereby pulling chip stock lower and dragging Nasdaq Composite into to bear market territory, after a shock revenue warning from the world's biggest tech company.


Buffet who is known to have avoided investment in tech stocks started investing steadily in Apple since mid-2016. His company Berkshire Hathaway owns about 252 million shares of Apple, which was worth about $39.8 billion. On Thursday, it was noted that the 5.3% stake in the tech giant has declined by about $4 billion following Apple's 10% decline.

Other current holders of Apple stocks are all mutual funds. Though Berkshire Hathaway is not the largest owner of Apple stock,  Vanguard has the largest stock with 332 million shares as of September with Buffet company is second, BlackRock, State Street and Fidelity with 199.6 million shares, 192.5 million shares, and 103.4 million shares respectively.