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Sun, May

Facebook Cut Ties With Huawei

Facebook on Friday revealed that it would cut off Huawei from its popular social networking apps. The move is in compliance with US sanctions, further isolating the Chinese tech giant considered a national security threat by Washington.

US/China Feud: Google Ends Ties With Huawei

United States giant search engine, Google has announced that it will cut ties with Huawei Company. The decision is premised on what Washington considers a national security threat.

BlackBerry Messenger Consumer Service Sets To Shut Down

One time instant messenger and cell phone giant BlackBerry has announced that it will be shutting down its BBM consumer service on 31st May 2019, this is because Users have moved on to other platforms such as Telegram, WeChat, Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp.

ICT Attracts $42m foreign investment - FG

 Nigeria's Minister of Communications, Dr Adebayo Shittu has revealed that the Information and Communication industry attracted over forty-two (42) million dollars in foreign investment. Shittu made the disclosure while declaring open a workshop on National ICT Roadmap for the Southeast Zone, in Awka, Anambra state.

FG To Commence Use Of “.Gov.Ng” Emails For Civil Servants

The Federal Government has concluded plans to move all official government documents and exchanges to a more secure domestic security infrastructure. This is in a renewed security ethos designed to permeate through all tiers of government and its agencies and to protect state mechanism from deliberate and unintended abuse.

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