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Sun, May

Facebook To Launch Instagram Lite In 170 Lower Bandwidths Countries

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Facebook Inc. Has on Wednesday announced that it will be launching a “lite” version of Instagram in 170 countries with lower internet bandwidth, enabling people with poor internet to easily access to the video and photo-sharing app.

According to Facebook, “Instagram Lite” will be available on Android phones and also require less bandwidth than the original version.

Instagram Lite will require just 2 megabytes (2MB) and will run with 2G networks, while the traditional Instagram requires 30MB.

This allows customers in parts of Latin America, India, Africa, Asia with older internet access to access the app.

“These are the markets where there is the greatest need,” said Tzach Hadar, director of product management at Facebook in Tel Aviv.

“It uses a lot less data so if you have a small data package you are not going to run out when you use the service. But the aim is for us to give the same breadth of experience you get on Instagram,” he said.

However, the “lite” version of the app will not have features like Instagram TV and Reels but will have the key features of the traditional version.

Hadar also disclosed that the company was working on a digital wallet for Facebook. “You have close to 2 billion people that have no access or limited access to banks and financial services and there are tens of billions of dollars being spent just for fees for migrants wanting to send money back to their families,” he said.