World's Largest LS Power Battery Storage System Comes Online

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LS Power, a US power and energy infrastructure owner have put on stream what it describes as the largest grid battery in the world, with a capacity that will reach 250 MW by the end of August. According to LS Power VP of Energy Storage Cody Hill, construction of the system was handled by McCarthy Building Companies, while NEC built the system with LG Chem batteries and SMA inverters. Although LS Power has not yet shared that project's MWh capacity, it will almost positively be between 1 GWh and 1.5 GWh once completed, as it's uncommon to see large-scale storage outside of the four-to-six hour duration range.

Following the completion of the Gateway project, LS Power will be maintaining the large-scale storage train rolling in the months and years to come. The company at present has in it pipeline the 200 MW Diablo Energy Storage facility in Pittsburg, California, the 125 MW LeConte Energy Storage facility in Calexico, California, and the massive 316 MW Ravenswood energy storage project under development in Queens, New York.

All of these facilities will emerge near the top of the global leader board for the largest energy storage projects upon completion.

“By charging during solar production or off-peak hours and delivering energy to the grid during times of peak demand for power, our battery storage projects improve electric reliability, reduce costs and help our state meet its climate objectives," said John King, LS Power’s head of Renewables.