Techno Launches End of Discussion with Phantom-9

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Just weeks after it launched a high profile smartphone, Techno Povour 3, Chinese giant mobile company, Techno recently launched its Techno Phantom 9, making competition in the market tougher. The company term the new device the end of the discussion in the mobile space.


Although, smartphone users are looking for the best innovations, intuitive user interface and features that make a fashion statement.

This unusual appetite has also spurred a different level of competition that the market has never witnessed before.

The new device Phantom-9 is epic, considering its features.

The device spots a premium gold-coloured pack and bears a design that properly captures the class and sophistication of the Nigerian signature fashionistas.

While opening the pack, a black anti-slip phone cover; a black earpiece; a white USB cord and a three-pin charger sprout up, giving the user, a ready to go sign.

Spotting a dual SIM card slot which also doubles as the memory card slot, it takes a pinch from the enclosed metal pin to have the SIMs set and phone ready to use.

The phone is made of the latest Android 9.0 Pie and comes packed with a huge 128GB internal memory space, which makes a memory card useless.

This special capacity feature gives users the confidence to store pictures and videos.

It was gathered that multi-tasking is made easy on the device because of the dot notch screen, and the 6GB RAM which makes the processes smooth.

Another innovative and futuristic feature of the phone is the Onscreen Fingerprint Scanner. It adds a decent level of security to this device.

It is paired with Face ID which adds an extra layer of security.

The device may be regarded as top-notch, for users who trip at the AI Triple Camera. The 16MP+2MP+8MP camera is very intuitive for photography.

It is paired with a 32MP front camera with dual flash, so the user can take all the pictures, selfies, and make all the video calls conveniently.

Most importantly, the features beautify images and make make-up before taking photos unnecessary.

For music lovers, Techno appears to have studied their taste.

The earphones produce great sound and make Listening to music, fun.

Yet, the phone battery lasts for a whole day of normal use, apparently answering the Nigerian epileptic power supply question.