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TikTok Deletes 7 Million Underage Users

Tech Security

TikTok a Chinese-owned app, removes over seven million accounts of users suspected of being under the age of thirteen. About sixty-two million videos were deleted in the first quarter of 2021 for violating community standards as revealed by the media operator in a report published today 30th June 2021.

The video-sharing app platform revealed that profiles accounted was for fewer than 1% of global users and hoped the detail about under-aged users will assist the industry push forward transparency and accountability around user safety.

The report comes with social media operators facing increased pressure to remove hateful content, nudity, harassment, or safety for minors while remaining open to a variety of viewpoints, about four million users were deleted for violating the app's guidelines.

"Our TikTok team of policy, operations, safety, and security experts work together to develop equitable policies that can be consistently enforced," the report said.

"Our policies do take into account a diverse range of feedback we gather from external experts in digital safety and human rights, and we are mindful of the local cultures in the markets we serve."

“We identified and removed 91.3 percent before a user reported them, 81.8 percent before they received any views, and 93.1 percent within 24 hours of being posted.”