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Thu, Apr

WhatsApp To Commence Removal Of Accounts From May 15

Tech Security

Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has stated that commencing from May 15, users who had refused to accept the new terms and conditions of the media platform will not be able to send and read messages, and maybe eventually deleted. Following the several backlashes from its users over the revised privacy policy, WhatsApp has deferred the update to May 15, giving users time to accept the revised terms.

The company added that accounts that do not accept the terms will not be deleted immediately, but will be starved of some of the APPs features. Such users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but they won’t be able to send and read messages on the app. They will be able to export chat history from Android and Apple devices, and can download their account history; Deletion of chat history, groups, and backups cannot be reversed.

The messaging app will also delete the user’s account after 120 days of inactivity, content locally stored on the device will remain until the app is deleted from the phone. The local backup will be available if the user reinstalls the app on the same device, the company clarified.