You Should Delete These Banned Android Apps Right Away

Tech Security

Google has banned 24 apps and has removed the same from its Play Store over concerns that these harmful apps carry hidden codes and malware that might be lurking inside. This malware targets users' Facebook credentials and personal information.

French cyber-security firm Evina made the discovery that the apps could infiltrate devices by offering genuine functionality, which is forwarded to Google in May leading to the ban

When an Android user installs the app, a hidden code inside it is automatically activated and begins to steal personal data.

When the user launches 
Facebook, an overlay web browser window pops up over the Facebook app, bringing Facebook login page

Users would then put in their Facebook login details and the malware would copy them and send them to its designated server. 

Below is a list of the malicious apps removed by Google

Super Wallpapers Flashlight


Wallpaper Level

Contour Level wallpaper

iPlayer & wallpaper

Video Maker

Color Wallpapers


Powerful Flashlight

Super Bright Flashlight

Super Flashlight

ire Game

Accurate scanning of QR code

Classic card game

Junk file cleaning

Synthetic Z

File Manager

Composite Z

Screenshot Capture

Daily Horoscope Wallpapers

Wuxia Reader

Plus Weather

Anime Live Wallpaper

Health Step Counter

Google has since removed the apps from Play Store and they are no longer available for download. 

However, those who already have the apps on their phones would have to delete them manually. 

Users could also change their Facebook passwords after deleting the apps to make it more secure.