TikTok Adds New Parental Control To Teens' Accounts

Tech Security

Popular short-form video social media app TikTok is adding a feature called 'Family Pairing' starting from April 30. This update will allow parents and guardians to remotely set restrictions on their wards accounts.

Family Pairing, which is for users 16 and younger will allow parents link their kids’ accounts to their own, where they’ll be able to disable direct messages, turn on restricted content mode, and set screen time limits.

This update will give parents more control over their child’s use of TikTok compared with any other social media app on the market today, outside of those designed exclusively with families and children in mind. However, the parental controls are only a subset of the controls users can opt to set for themselves. For example, users can choose to make their accounts private, turn off comments and control who can duet with them, among other things.

TikTok already offers a number of controls on Direct Messaging which allow users to restrict messages to only approved followers, restrict the audience or disable direct messages altogether.