Cybercrime: NCC To Checkmate Use Of Internet

The National Communication Commission (NCC) is set to establish a mechanism to beam its search light on internet users to fortify the nation’s cyberspace against possible attack.

Yahoo! Outage Disrupts Businesses Globally

Popular web services provider Yahoo! was said to have crashed for about seven hours (7hrs) earlier on Thursday morning thereby drawing outrage from thousands of its users especially those using their email services.

Apple Apologizes For Listening On Siri, Sets New Rules

Apple Inc. has on Wednesday apologized for its virtual assistant, Siri sharing some private and confidential pieces of information with quality control workers, setting new rules for handling data from conversations.
According to Vanguard, Apple will only allow its employees' review conversations from customers who opt in to the “Siri Grading” program aimed at improving the voice recognition technology. Also, recordings used for the program would be automatically deleted.

Instagram Hides Like Counts From Users To Promote Mental Health

Facebook’s Instagram has once again silently removed the likes from users posts in six additional international countries, as a continuation of the international test to remove pressure on users.
Earlier in May, Instagram commenced an international test aimed at reducing pressure on users in Canada. However, the test has been rolled out again in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, and Japan.
Instagram users in these countries now see “liked by” a user name “and others” on a post but are able to view the number of likes on their posts.

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