Google Inc said on Tuesday it would roll out an “advanced protection program” to provide stronger email security for some users such as government officials, political activists and journalists who are at a higher risk of being targeted by sophisticated hackers. Google users will have the ability to opt in to security settings aimed at protecting Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube data from phishing attacks.

A mystery hacker who was given the alias of a TV soap opera character has stolen sensitive information about Australia's multi-billion dollar warplane and navy projects. Intelligence officials say the break was significant, although the Australian government insists that only low-level data was taken. The identity of the cyber criminal is not known.

A new security flaw discovered by researcher, Mathy Vanhoef of the University of Leuven in Belgium, appears to be affecting Wi-Fi connections.

The issue stems from WPA2, a protocol that secures wireless networks. The flaw, called KRACK (short for Key Reinstallation Attack), could let a hacker within range of your device break encryption and potentially steal and manipulate data.

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