A Moscow-based security firm said on Monday that a previously undetected group of Russain-language hackers stole about $10 million from mostly U.S. and Russian banks by targeting interbank transfer systems.

Group-IB researchers have warned that the attacks, which began 18 months ago and allow money to be stolen from banks’ automated teller machines (ATMs), appear to be ongoing and that banks in Latin America could be targeted next.

The first attack occurred in the spring of 2016 against banks in First Data’s (FDC.N) “STAR” network, the largest U.S. bank messaging system connecting ATMs at more than 5,000 organizations, Group-IB researchers disclosed.

A Bitcoin exchange service has revealed that a group of Highly professional hackers made away with around 4,700 Bitcoin from NiceHash a leading mining service.

The hacked service NiceHash is a Slovenia-based mining exchange service, that pairs up people with spare computing power with those willing to pay to use it to mine for new Bitcoin.

The service said it was working assiduously to recover the Bitcoin for its users hinting that "Someone really wanted to bring us down."

Google uncovers Socially Engineered Spyware on Play Store

Google has detected an app called Tizi on Google Play store that installs spyware on mobile devices with rooting capabilities that could exploit steal sensitive data from popular social media applications.

Facebook social network has revealed that it is building a tool which will allow users see whether they had followed now-deleted propaganda pages made by the Russia-based Internet Research Agency.

The tool will be ready for launch in December.

The social network has earlier revealed that about 126 million Americans may have viewed content uploaded by Russia-based agents over the past two years.

Google is hiring thousands of new moderators after facing widespread criticism for allowing child abuse videos and other violent and offensive content to flourish on YouTube.

YouTube’s owner announced on Monday that next year it would expand its total workforce to more than 10,000 people responsible for reviewing content that could violate its policies.

Facebook's 'Auto-Delete' Wipes Terrorism-Related Posts

Social media giant Facebook has revealed how the use of its automated based artificial intelligence to delete terrorism-related posts is producing tremendous results, with photo and video-matching - in feature, which automatically detects previously used imagery by terrorist groups when it is reposted.

An Iranian-based hacker Behzad Mesri, also known as “Skote Vahshat,” has been charged by U.S prosecutors for hacking into cable TV provider HBO from May to August and stealing unaired episodes of programs including "ballers" "Curb Your Enthusiasm and "The Deuce".

A sealed indictment released on Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan indicated the charge that Mesri perpetrated cyber attack on HBO and then threatened to release the data unless he was paid $6 million.

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