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Tue, Jan

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American Multinational Technology company, Microsoft Corporation has on Thursday announced that the company will be assisting corporate businesses to understand how to manage scattered data through the operation of their new cloud-based tool.
The tool "Azure Purview' will be similar to last year's 'Azure Synapse' used by companies like FedEx which analyses the flow of 16 million daily packages. However, the new tool will analyze large data to help businesses understand information and its location in their database.

According to Reuters, the new tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect sensitive or regulated data (for privacy purposes), masking it out in a bid to exempt employees who are not authorized to have access to that information.

John "JG" Chirapurath, vice president of Azure data, AI and edge said "It’s one thing to generate insights from data, but it’s another thing to ask questions about the data itself. Can we use this data? Are we being responsible with the fair use of this data?"

"These might seem like esoteric terms, but they are vital to how we run modern businesses. You have to be able to trust your data," JG added.

Meanwhile, Chirapurath said the tool will be available to the general public very soon, however, it is available for a few customers.