iTunes To Be Replaced On Apple's OS Catalina

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After 16 years of being the sole media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device of Apple Inc, iTunes will no longer feature in the latest MacOS Catalina. iTunes has split into three major Apps, Music, Podcast and Tv so as to compete with other giants like Spotify, Netflix and Disney.

It was also noted that When Mac users download the new operating system, Catalina, instead of iTunes, users will go to the Music app to find their library of iTunes songs and the TV app to find their iTunes shows and movies. Downloaded audio stories will be found in the Podcasts app. Although iPhone users will still be able to access the iTunes Store app on their devices.

Apple is under pressure to increase revenue as iPhone sales have declined. The flagship smartphones are the major source of Apple sales, and the company has been looking to diversify. A major goal is to grow its services businesses to roughly $50 billion in 2020, up from $37 billion in fiscal 2018.

So as to meet its target, later this fall Apple will also launch subscription service Apple TV+, which will feature original series and films involving prominent celebrities including Oprah Winfrey.

Customers who still like to purchase songs can do so in the Mac Catalina operating system through the Music App, where they’ll find a version of the iTunes Music Store tucked away.

The company also announced a new Mac Pro desktop computer that will sell starting at $5,999. The company also said its upcoming mobile operating system update, iOS13, will have a dark mode available to third-party apps and let users sign in to apps with their Apple ID. If Apple customers don’t want to give an app their email address, iOS13 has a feature that lets customers share a unique random email and receive messages to that address in their personal email account.