Facebook To Train Female Entrepreneurs In 10 Universities

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Sherry Dzinoreva, Head of Africa's Policy Programmes has revealed that the company will intensify its female entrepreneurship training in 10 universities in Nigeria in 2019.


Speaking during the”She Means Business” dinner in Lagos, Dzinoreva said that Facebook was collaborating with ”She Leads Africa” to intensify female entrepreneurship training in Nigeria. She noted that training would be intensified through its”She Means Business” programme that was launched in Nigeria in 2018.

”We are going to continue to train thousands of women as well this year. Not very different from what we did last year, the only difference this year is that we are going into university as well. ”So we are going to be crossing 10 different universities across the country, as well as continuing to train female entrepreneurs.

Dzinoreva disclosed that the ideas of the programme are for women to come together to learn how to use digital platforms to grow their businesses”And as they do this, there are opportunities to network and learn how to actually grow their businesses. ”When women are doing well; their families are doing well, businesses, industries are doing well and ultimately, the economy is driving as well.”

The Director, Public Policy Africa at Facebook, Ebele Okobi, opined that there was a need for women to be in charge of their destinies, as it would affect the nation.

The Co-Founder, She Leads Africa, Afua Osei, said that this was the company’s third year of working with Facebook on a programme to teach, train and support women entrepreneurs. ”And last year, we had the opportunity to work on a programme that was just focused on women, understanding the unique challenges, as well as opportunities for women entrepreneurs. ”We changed more than 4,000 women all across Nigeria.

So we are so excited that our training continued to have a serious impact on helping women all across Nigeria. ”This year we are going to drive around in Nigeria, and we are going to get 10 universities all across the country. ”We know that young people are entrepreneurial, they are excited, but they don’t really have that much money. So we are going to teach them how to start getting into businesses with a little cash, ”We are going to bring the training and the expertise to them so that they can have that experience on their campuses,” Osei said.