Sharif Rabi’u Inuwa (Ahlan), Chairman of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Referee Appointment Committee, has warned that any referee found wanting or performing below standard in all competitive matches across the nation would be severely sanctioned.

Mr. Inuwa made the assertion while hosting a local radio programme in Kano State, saying that no one would be spared, as he plans to produce outstanding Nigerian referees in accordance to international practice, so as to compete with their counterparts across the world.

He noted that so far 52 Nigerian referees have been suspended due to poor performance.

“I have said this on several occasions that the standard we had set for Nigerian referee is uncompromised as no referee found wanting will go scot free.”

“We will definitely take decisive action against any referee who performs below the standard we have set for them,” Inuwa said.

“I don’t care whether a referee is from Bayelsa, Kano, Ondo or Taraba, if you fail to live up to expectation, the committee under my watch will take necessary punitive action against you,” he added.

(The Nation)