EPL: Guardiola Talks About Title Chances


Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, has totally ignored Manchester United while naming the teams around the top of the Premier League. He ignored United when talking about teams challenging for the top four this season.

The ManCity Manager revealed he will congratulate Liverpool if they win the league ahead of Man City.


Guardiola named Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Leicester when discussing the current battle in the table.


However, when asked by the pressmen to predict the title race, he said it’s too early to predict.


According to Guardiola, there is one team above the others – Liverpool – and then another, us, is close.


He revealed he do not know how wide the gap is for Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Leicester when analysing the current battle in the table.


He added, it is not too big while acknowledging only seven games have gone down the lane.


Guardiola compared Liverpool to a faster Horse than the others, however stressed is too early for him to predict.


Liverpool opened up an eight-point gap over Guardiola’s City on Saturday but the former Barcelona boss is not feeling too worried at this stage of the season.


In his statement, “all we can do is try to maintain our level and play better every game then see what happens.


“We are in the first days of October and we finish in May so there are a lot of games and competitions to play, a lot of different situations and good and bad moments to handle.”