Tiger Woods Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom


President Donald Trump on Monday awarded Golf legend, Tiger Woods with the highest civilian honour “The Medal of Freedom” for his achievements and unending determination to succeed in the game of Golf.

The honour, which was prompted by the golfer’s victory in the Masters at Augusta last month, took place at the White House Rose Garden.

The Medal of Freedom is an honour bestowed upon meritoriously deserving individuals who have impacted the United States national interest or security, world peace, cultural pursuit, or other non-specified endeavours.

President Trump congratulated Woods on his winnings and thanked him for giving fans a lifetime worth of memories.

While Speaking, Woods appreciated his mother, family and his caddy for supporting him despite others doubted his ability to make a comeback.

He said the Masters being his 15th major title has been the highlight of his accomplishments, noting that he’s three “major” titles away from Jack Nicklaus’ record.