Nigerians Frown At Your Jumbo Pay – Buhari To Legislatures

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President Muhammadu Buhari had yesterday break the long silence over the overpaid lawmakers in Nigeria, informing them that the National Assembly is being viewed in a negative light at the public alter.


Buhari disclosed to the lawmakers that Nigerians see them as a group of people who take the lion share of the National resources for doing little.

The President revealed this to the lawmakers through his Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Lai Mohammed during the launch of Green Chamber Magazine by the House of Reps at the National Assembly.

The Minister said the introduction of the magazine was aimed at changing people’s perception over the money the National Assembly is drawing from the national treasury.

Every Nigerian before now has a perception that the National Assembly especially the bi-cameral is too expensive to maintain as they are overpaid members who just stash currency in their pocket for doing little work.

Mohammed said this narrative has to change as it is a wrong perception which has resulted partly from lack of understanding of the work of lawmakers, especially outside the confine of television screen and cameras.

He said with the Green Magazine in place, Nigerians would have access to correct information about the work of the National Assembly and that will change their perception about the law maker’s duties.

Apart from understanding the nitty-gritty of the lawmakers, the magazine would also explain to the general public the enormous work that goes on in the process of law-making and committee work.

It is also a platform that would enable the lawmakers to tell their own story rather than relying on others source of information that misleads the public.

In his remarks, Prof. Patrick Lumumba, the Director of Kenyan Law School enjoined the lawmakers to live up to their constituent’s expectation.

In his statement; “Now that you have been given the honour and privilege of serving Nigeria, now that Nigerians and Africans refer to you as honourable members, the question is: are you honourable members or horrible members?

He noted that whether the members are honourable members or not is being determined by the quality of service they render to the public.